Cellular Atelowater

Revitalizing face mist
Capacity: 150ml

Cellular AteloWater is a revitalizing face mist that has the composition of a liquid that fills cells in human skin. It is rich in free ions of minerals and trace elements. It takes part in metabolic processes of the cell, and it is helpful in the process of collagen absorption.

AteloWater distinguishes by high bioavailability – the body will use the active substances in the best way.

Cellular AteloWater has been enriched with a natural, brightening vitamin C – Superox-C™, an extract from the Australian Cockatoo plum. This plant component rich in polyphenols stimulates the production of collagen and the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, and provides your skin with a real bomb of antioxidants necessary to fight free radicals, lightens discoloration and strengthens blood vessels.

Cellular AteloWater also contains superoxide dismutase (an antioxidant enzyme) and native proteins: tropocollagen, pro-collagen and atelocollagen, which has the property of binding cellular water deep in the skin.

Mist sprayed on the skin will perfectly moisturize it, because it stops the loss of water contained in the cells and will prepare the skin for Colway Collagen application.


  • moisturizing
  • refreshing
  • energizing
  • lightening (reduces signs of fatigue)
  • regenerating
  • nutritious
  • fighting anti oxidative stresssupporting the fight against signs of skin aging


Spray the mist on your face. Leave to absorb or gently pat the swab. Water can be used during the day, as well on makeup. Warning! Water can cause tingling sensations, which is a sign of the ingredients contained in it. Short-term browning of the skin may also occur.