Pearl Atelocollagen

Effects: rebuilding of the lipid coat, moisturizing, firming, regeneration. It has a soothing effect.
Capacity: 120 ml

The product are intended for the care of all skin types throughout the body. The full spectrum of activity is shown on mature skin.

Discover the secret of perfect skin, allowing you to unlock its natural revitalising mechanisms. Atelocollagen became the source of a new interpretation of the action of three native collagens: atelocollagen, tropocollagen and procollagen.
Their extremely intelligent product combination together with the vitamin C – Superox – C complex and provitamin B created an extremely rich and luxurious anti – age cosmetic for your body and senses.
ATELOKOLAGEN PEARL – a velvet gel with an ultra-sensory, air-like formula that blends into your body to give you maximum pleasure. „Immersed in” a magical spiral made of mother of pearl provides the effect of a tight and incredibly illuminated skin.
Pearl Atelocollagen significantly improves the density and elasticity of the skin, spectacularly reduces the number of furrows and wrinkles, smoothing the skin of the whole body and giving it an impeccable look.
The final effect of the perfectly soft and smooth to the touch of the skin is strengthened by natural plant extracts: goji berries, acai berries, noni, fresh coffee beans, pomegranate fruit, green tea, mangosteen.


  • slowing down the aging process of the skin
  • rejuvenating (strong anti-aging effect)
  • smoothing the surface of the skin – strengthening blood vessels and protecting them from damage and cracking
  • firming
  • anti-cellulite- moisturising (creates a protective membrane against water loss)
  • preventing loss of skin elasticity
  • cleansing the skin of toxins
  • eliminating skin changes caused by hormonal disturbances
  • reducing spots and blemishes
  • brightening
  • regenerating skin damage
  • condensate of mother of pearl, by appropriate illumination and reflection of light, it can visibly cover up skin imperfections


Atelocollagen, tropocollagen, procollagen, pearls, goji berries, acai berries, noni, fresh coffee beans, pomegranate fruits, green tea, mangosteen, Superox-C, provitamin B. The Superox-C complex is an avant-garde component and very desirable in cosmetics, the main ones the ingredients are the vitamin C promoters and naturally occurring compounds in the plant with brightening effects. It is an extract from the richest in natural vitamin C plants on Earth – Australian cockatoo plum. The presence of this vitamin is a condition for collagenogenesis. Natural compounds protecting this fruit against the harmful effects of solar radiation – as evidenced in the research – eliminate skin discoloration resulting from the progressive weakening of melanocytic cells, and, along with vitamin C, strengthen the blood vessels, reducing the amount of so-called. „Spiders”.


Apply every morning and evening. Apply the product on clean skin and massage gently. The massage should take place starting from the lower parts of the body towards the heart. Lots of skin with the most discolorations we recommend to spray with the CELLULAR ATELY.