Ultra moisturising Body Balm

Effects: hydration, elasticity and protection of the skin
Capacity: 300 ml

Care with Ultra-hydrating Body Lotion will give you sense of tremendous comfort, satisfy the needs of care of your body and will protect it against external factors. The power of natural active ingredients will provide your skin with essential lipids which will strengthen the protective barrier of the skin, provide hydration, soothe irritation, soften and smooth. Feel like velvety and pleasant can be your body.


Clary sage oil has unique properties, not known in any other vegetable oil. As a component of cosmetic preparations, sage stands out primarily due to its moisturizing properties. It keeps water in the epidermis and prevents its loss. Furthermore it has anti-inflammatory, astringent and soothing function.

Shea butter accelerates healing processes, softens and oils the skin, protects, has a natural protective filter. It works even in the care of dry, atopic or hypersensitive skin.
Hyaluronic acid binds water in the deep layers of the skin, protects against flaccidity and loss of elasticity.


Apply cosmetic 1 or 2 times a day on cleansed skin, massaging until absorbed. To increase the effect of the lotion use Body scrub with collagen regularly, to provide intensive firming effect and to improve the elasticity of the skin, apply Natural Collagen Silver before (Recommended for the care of the whole body).