REDOX Vitaminum

COLYFINE REDOX VITAMINUM is an intelligent, revitalizing skincare and renewal cream with penetration promoters for active substances. Its innovative scientific achievements and recipe, based on natural ingredients, guarantee extraordinary product performance and safety of use.

RESTORE YOUR SKIN’S NATURAL PROCESSES LIPOSOMES – tiny spheres with a lipid (phosphatidylcholine) coating, containing an aqueous solution with active substances in the nucleus. The lipid coating significantly increases transdermal permeability – of vitamins, for example. The vitamins encapsulated in liposomes represent the latest achievement in biochemical engineering.

PENETRATION PROMOTERS – special surfactants which, by momentarily reducing the surface tension of the hydro-lipid layer, open it up to further increase the penetration of vitamins. After evaporation of water from the epidermis, the protective coating returns to its original form.

LIPO-DIFFUSION TECHNOLOGY – penetration promoters and liposomal vitamins that work together to achieve maximum penetration of vitamins into the skin.

AMINO-COLLAGEN TECHNOLOGY – specially-prepared collagen peptides of fish origin that are identical to human proteins (proline, lysine, etc). By using penetration promoters, these peptides are transported into the fibroblast region, in which they have a stimulating action that helps produce systemic collagen. Collagen makes up 30% of our body weight and up to 70% of its connective tissue. Without the collagen structure, the body is unable to build its intercellular matrix. The process of collagen degradation begins after the age of 25, and it is the decline in its synthesis that causes sagging of the skin.

COLYFINE REDOX VITAMINUM is a Vitamin Cream that is an exclusive skin revitalization product combining the latest liposomal vitamin technology with special peptides. Vitamins regulate and enhance all natural processes in our bodies, while collagen peptides provide increased synthesis of protein.


Liposomal vitamins with improved penetration:

Vit. C – Eliminates free oxygen radicals, takes an active part in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, improves microcirculation and evens the skin tone.

Vit. E – A very powerful antioxidant that improves blood supply and increases flexibility. Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory and anti-oesophageal properties, protects the lipid epidermal layer, and increases the stability and proper permeability of cell membranes. Vit. B3 – Normalizes processes, helps with tissue respiration, water management, the functioning of the mucosal membrane and blood flow in vessels.

Vit. B5 – Keeps the skin firm and elastic, activates cell division in the epidermis, promotes wound healing and counteracts inflammation.

Vit. B6 – Inhibits water loss from the epidermis, improves the structure of the skin’s surface, helps maintain elegant, pretty facial contours.

Vit. B7 – Known as the ‘skin vitamin’, B7 has an anti-seborrheic effect, affects the quality of dry and flaky skin, reduces wrinkles and bags under the eyes, moisturizes, closes pores and brightens discolorations. REDOX Vitaminum cream contains penetrating precursors that momentarily expand the mantle of the skin and allow easier penetration of active ingredients. The Agastache mexicana extract helps calm the skin and reduce stress. Allantoin and squalane contained in the cream additionally soothe and even out the skin’s surface.