27 Kwi 2018

Natural Collagen – effectiveness and properties

The collagen is absorbed into the skin, rebuilding its protein structure. The application of collagen may lead to the so-called „skin pull-down” effect, which can be easily prevented by using daily care cream, however, not earlier than after 5 minutes after the collagen application.

The regular and systematic use of this preparation accelerates the organic collagen synthesis in the cells manufacturing collagen – fibroblasts. It intensely moisturizes the epidermis, smoothes the dermis and has a lasting anti-ageing effect, delaying the formation of new wrinkles. The Polish hydrates of fish collagen are considered one of the world’s most natural cosmetics. They are only composed of water, protein, lactic acid and natural stabilizers. It is the only product in modern cosmetology, with trans-epidermal peptides that are derived from collagen superhelix, rather than from bioengineering of proteins.

Natural collagen is extracted from fish skin at the molecular development level of this protein. In evolutionary terms, it has a tertiary structure, which distinguishes it from a macromolecular protein that has been known to cosmetics industry for many years as hydrolysates of fibres or fibrils of the bovine collagen unable to overcome the epidermis barrier. Peptides and amino acids of third collagen spirals-molecules, dissolving in contact with the skin temperature, penetrate freely the layers of epidermis. In addition, this product is unique due to the fact that for many years after leaving the body of its donor (fish), it retains, in glass bottles, a triple helical conformation – i.e. the form of native protein – „living”; the same as in the living body of vertebrates, where the collagen molecule is formed in metabolic processes.

For this reason, the Polish hydrated collagen is biologically active. It allows for skin supplementation with the protein of youth, in a gradual and non-invasive manner, without the need to implant the protein. This collagen has a natural colour and smell characteristic of organic products. It is not widely advertised. Until now, it has been distributed solely through direct marketing, gaining the trust of hundreds of thousands of consumers. Currently, it is being distributed to the chemist’s that sell luxury products.